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Business Spotlight: Delay Tattooing

August 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Bradley Delay Raccoon TattooName: Bradley Delay
Business: Delay Tattooing at Historic Tattoo
Involved in: IDA Program, Foundations Class

What inspired you to get started tattooing?
I wanted to work in trade that utilizes my artistic skills.

What stage are you at in the process?
I am currently tattooing full time.

What’s been a recent success for you?
I just tattooed a b****n raccoon on a tattooer from the Tri-Cities in Washington.

What are you working on improving?
I am constantly striving to improve every aspect of the trade.

What are you looking forward to?
I look forward to taking on more tattoos and completing a set of 10 hand built tattoo machines.

How can folks contact you about getting their next tattoo?
By phone at 503-957-5389
At the shop at 503-236-3440
By email at bradleyjasondelay [at] gmail [dot] com

Check out more of Bradley’s work at

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Seven Star Brings Health Care to All

June 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Fiona McLaughlin, co-founder of Seven Star Acupuncture and Apothecary. Photo: Juan-Carlos Delgado for Mercy Corps

By Susan Rich

Fiona McLaughlin and Aisha Madrone had a dream: provide affordable, high-quality, alternative healthcare to the Portland community…at a price that everyone can afford. Like most dreams-come-true, this one had a few twists and turns along the way.

Three years ago McLaughlin and Madrone launched Seven Star Acupuncture and Apothecary, a clinic focused on the benefits of Chinese herbal medicine. Their services include private and group acupuncture treatments as well as licensed massage therapy, chiropractic care and an onsite herbal dispensary.

“We wanted to provide acupuncture that literally everyone can afford,” said McLaughlin. “People need regular health care to prevent future illness.”

The partners signed a lease on a 2,000-square-foot space at 436 SE 12th Ave. Construction began, then stalled for lack of money. “The renovation cost more than we expected,” McLaughlin said. Banks, sliding into deep freeze mode, refused to loan money.

Then a friend suggested Mercy Corps Northwest. McLaughlin and Madrone applied for, and received, a $13,000 loan.

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Hefty Success: Fat Fancy Clothing Store Caters to Big Women and Men

June 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Carlee Smith & Annie Maribona of Fat Fancy

By Amber Revoir

A Mercy Corps Northwest intern sat down with Annie Maribona, co-owner with Carlee Smith of the downtown Portland boutique Fat Fancy to learn the secrets of their success. As it turns out, a little boost went a long way.

MCNW: How did you find us? And which of our programs did you use?

AM: MCNW was recommended to us by a friend. It has been hugely helpful. We enrolled in the matched savings account program and have attended several of the classes offered. We don’t know where we would be without Mercy Corps Northwest – thank you!

MCNW: Can you tell me a little about what you do? How did you start Fat Fancy?

AM: I had the dream to start Fat Fancy for quite some time. I started it out of necessity. I needed [a store like] Fat Fancy, so I knew there must be other people out there who needed one, too. I started it the only way I could at the time – at home.

The first sale was in my studio apartment. I moved my furniture out, set up clothing racks, turned my walk-in closet into a dressing room, and advertised primarily via the Internet. The first sale was a huge success. People came from as far as 300 miles away to shop, and it was a great time.

From there, I set up shop in a friend’s basement in NE Portland. My business partner Carlee Smith came on the scene shortly after. Together we are a great team. Fat Fancy held monthly sales since December 2007 to raise money to open a permanent retail space. The community has been so supportive of us, attending fundraisers and helping us win a small business grant from Intuit. We have been featured in local, national, and international press and garnered support from underground plus-size celebrities. We opened a dreamy retail storefront in downtown Portland in December of 2009! Come check us out on SW Morrison St., between 10th and 11th avenues.

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