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April Mixer at Mercy Corps NW

May 12, 2010 Leave a comment

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So, a confession. I’ve become the person at Mercy Corps Northwest charged with making networking events happen, but… networking is not my thing. It always feels like an artificial situation where people behave unnaturally and are uncomfortable, or at least I am.

But, each of these networking events at MCNW, and this is the third so far, are teaching me that the important principle in networking is that it’s a way to help bring people and resources together and make good things happen.

Our whole foray into this realm started with Darcy Avalon, who took one of our Foundations classes in the fall and has been a regular at many of our other classes. Like many of our participants, she said that one of the most valuable aspects of the classes was meeting fellow small business owners. With her event planning help, we did our first networking event in our office classroom in December, bringing in her friend Kyrstyn Pixton to help us with some music. People brought their food and their families and their products to vend, and we saw a whole new dynamic that there isn’t always time for during a class. We did a second one in February, and this time, we asked our friend Chris Bucci to come in and talk about his experience developing the Heart in Oregon stickers, and Adrienne Hatkin of Autopilot is for Lovers to share her music.

And now in April, we did our third one. This time we were able to connect with Lewis Childs, who helped us get the event set up at our neighborhood coffee shop Floyd’s, and who brought in his musical partner Sophie Bloch to help him provide some music for the evening. My co-worker Jinell from MicroMentor led a speed networking activity to get people talking and moving, with the help of Rachel, one of our loan officers, and our friend Jesse from the Action Center. And to top it all off, Mykel Hibbard of Tabor Photo came in and took beautiful photos of the whole thing, which you can see on Facebook and Flickr.

So there you go: networking through planning networking events. It’s been heartwarming to see what people do to help you when you reach out to them, and the wonderful results that come about through all of that natural, comfortable, and just plain good… networking.

Join us at the ReVisioning Value Conference next Monday and Tuesday

April 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Mercy Corps Northwest receives significant, meaningful support from volunteers with skills in various private sector professions, so we are excited to hear from panelists in the “Bringing Human and Financial Capital to Social Change” discussion. It will be interesting to learn of other ways to involve talented, experienced people looking to make an impact.

Please join us at the ReVisioning Value Conference next Monday and Tuesday. Mercy Corps NW members receive 20% off by using the Discount Code: MERCYCORPSNW. You can register online at or call 503.226.2377.

Bringing Human and Financial Capital to Social Change: Encore Innovation
PANEL: Jim Emerman, Executive VP, Civic Ventures; Yvonne Hunt, Chief Philanthropy Officer, Legacy Ventures and past VP of Global Philanthropy for HP; Leslye Louie, National Director, Encore Fellowships Network
Hear about new partnerships that are bringing human capital to the social innovation ecosystem by tapping the talent of boomers who want to move from success to significance by transferring their skills to social ventures. Through uniquely funded fellowships, corporate talent transitions to social purpose organizations through on-site experience that demonstrates the value and transferability of their skills, making a significant contribution to real impact.

ReVisioning Value | ReVV 2010: The Intersection of Purpose and Profit
Presented by Springboard Innovation
April 26-27th in Portland, Oregon

ReVV 2010 will bring together leaders from the varied fields of impact investing and social innovation to share how new models for both are increasing the flow of capital to the creation of a more just and sustainable world. The one day conference is followed by a day of hands-on workshops and strategic action roundtables designed to help participants apply the ideas offered at the conference to their own organizations and to create real tools and strategies as an outcome.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit at MCNW

February 8, 2010 Leave a comment

We had another one of our monthly get-togethers on January 28th. Twenty or so clients came, with food and stories to share. Chris Bucci, a loan client and the creator of the ubiquitous Heart in Oregon stickers, dropped in and talked about his experience starting up a business, and what it means for him to be an entrepreneur.

Chris Bucci

Chris Bucci

Chris Bucci Presentation
We also had the lovely music of Autopilot is for Lovers, whose lead singer Arienna Hatfield is also a Mercy Corps Northwest client.
Autopilot is for Lovers
With all this talent, it’ll be easy to keep these events going, and we’re looking forward to the next one.

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Holiday Social & Potluck

December 11, 2009 Leave a comment

December 10th we had a holiday potluck with our clients, new and old.

We had fabulous music from Kyrstyn Pixton, which set the warm & welcoming tone for the evening.

And some decorations (including a blazing fireplace!)

But guests brought their goods, which looked even better…

Photographs by Peter Blanchard and Grace Weston, cards and pendants from Robin Urton

Hats by Robin Epstein/Bunny Huggins, JonnySport bags by Rachel Elizabeth, naturopathic
kits by Julie Brush

Hats by Mary Kelly, magnets by Mary Hawley, accessories by Adrienne Hatkin (she’s also in a band!)

And paintings by Michelle Purvis – I didn’t grab a picture, so I borrowed one from your website!

Everyone brought and enjoyed lots tasty food – cookies, fruit, cheese and crackers, pasta, fried yam tortilla deliciousness (probably not the official name)

We all got to chat and commiserate

It ended up being quite a good time.

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