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Blogging 101

October 12, 2009 Leave a comment
Peter and his rapt audience

Peter and his rapt audience

Our Blogging 101 class took place last Monday, the 5th, with 16 participants and our speaker, Peter Korchnak of Semiosis Communications. Peter went through the details of blogging, from an overview of what a blog is, to some resources and sites to set one up, and finally, the specifics of how to go about using it for your business.

Participants said that one of the most useful things they learned was to look at time, rather than money, as the investment they’re making with a blog. Peter emphasized that consistency is key, and he shook his finger at those who pick a catchy blog name and write a post or two and then abandon it (there was some guilty shuffling here, this humble would-be blogger included).

So, from their evaluations, it sounds like they left more aware of the regular and consistent maintenance necessary for a successful blog. But, as one participant noted, they also left with an understanding of “how fun blogs can be!” And that’s such an important thing to remember too… why would you put so much of your time and yourself into something if it wasn’t fun?

It’s clear Peter has a lot of fun with his blog – he talks about shows he watches, lines from movies, and asks his readers for their thoughts. Plus he has a really cool revolving tag cloud, and you can’t get much more fun than that. You can visit Peter’s blog at to see for yourself.