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Budgets & Benefits

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment

On January 16th, we had our first Saturday morning seminar with Suzanne Feucht, accounting coach and trainer, to talk about basic financial tools. There were lots of participants and even more questions, so it was hard to get through everything Suzanne had on the agenda. They appreciated that she emphasized the basics: using the right accounting software, keeping track of paperwork, etc. The big message was they wanted more accounting and financial seminars in the future.

Susan Rich

January 21st, Susan Rich joined us for a new addition to her Write it Rich! series. This presentation was on benefit-based copy, and how small businesses can think about what their product or service provides, and use that message to market themselves. We got to look at (and laugh about) some vintage ads, and point out where the key message was and what we were being sold… not a product, but a benefit. There was a lot of great discussion, so much so that we went a little over time. But no one seemed to mind too much – they were busy practicing their benefit-based copy and writing up their own blurbs and ads.


Upcoming Seminars

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Happy new year!

In January, we’ve got:

Saturday, January 16th, 10am-noon
Basic Financial Tools for Small Business Owners

Some of you have said weekday evening seminars are difficult for you, so we’re trying out our first Saturday seminar. Suzanne Feucht, an accounting coach and trainer at SF Business Services, will be doing a roundtable discussion of eight of the most relevant financial topics for micro-entrepreneurs, including:
– bookkeeping challenges for different entities
– which software to choose for recordkeeping
– inventory challenges
– and more

Thursday, January 21st, 6-8 p.m.
Write it Rich! Benefit-Based Copy: How to Tell Your Story, and Build Your Business

Susan Rich joins us for a new addition to her Write it Rich! series. How would your potential customer benefit from contacting your business, and how do you get that message across when describing your product or service? In this interactive workshop, learn how to appeal to your target audience and more effectively present your business.

Sign-up information here

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