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Facebook for your Small Business with Ben Tomkins

April 22, 2010 Leave a comment
Facebook Group Page Screenshot

The Facebook class discussion page

Last week Benjamin Tomkins came in for another round of small business social media, this time focusing specifically on Facebook. But his work started long before 6pm on April 13th. A couple weeks before class, he started a group page for the class on Facebook, and asked participants to join, introduce themselves, and talk about what they were coming to the class to learn.

They were able to get to know Ben and his expertise a little before they came to the class, and he was able to tailor his content based on what people said they needed. It made a great link between the class content and finding an effective, interactive way to present it.

One of the participants in the evaluations wrote that “I brought my laptop, and I’ve already started using it in class!

He even inspired us to get our act together and make a Mercy Corps Northwest Facebook page, created just this week.

Why Do We Want to Use Social Media?

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment
Benjamin Tomkins - Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media? To Build a Better Community

to build a better community … connect and share enthusiasm … find out customers’ needs … educate … draw people into our main site …. build brand loyalty …

Monday night Benjamin Tomkins helped us all parse through the reasons why small businesses so desperately wanted to start tweeting (twittering) or facebooking or yelping – reasons a little more meaningful other than the nagging feeling that social media is a hot topic and we all need to be in on it.

He started off the evening by pointing out that our class itself was a social network, and had everyone introduce themselves, their businesses, and their experience with social media. With 22 participants, it took a little bit of time, but afterward people were able to give each other advice and talk about each others’ businesses as examples.

He went on to talk about the multitudes of social media options out there, and like one of our other presenters, Peter Korchnak, he emphasized that effective social media marketing meant being efficient and consistent with your time and effort. He gave examples from his own experience consulting, and encouraged participants to break into small groups to come up with their own.

He even was so thoughtful as to share the slideshow from the night’s presentation online. It’s embedded below, and also at

And what do people want after this particular social media class?

“An extension of this one”, “another (level 2) social media class with the same teacher”, and “more marketing”.

Okay, Ben… we’ll be calling you back for more!