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Social Media With Taylor Ellwood

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve committed a rookie social media mistake by not keeping up on updating. It’s no good if lack of activity on a blog would seem to imply lack of activity within in an organization. But of course, that’s not actually the case!

Last Tuesday, December 1st, we had an hour-long social media class with Taylor Ellwood. He went over some of the reasons businesses should be on social media, and also went into some of the demographic details of who’s on social networking sites to remind people that their marketing should be focused on their target market, and if their customers aren’t likely to be on social media, then it may not be worthwhile. His most important message, as emphasized by our other social media presenters, Peter Korchnak and Benjamin Tomkins, is that time and consistency are the investments you need to make when starting a social media presence. He pointed participants to some practical resources to help make them manage their presence online, like

Our class on the 7th with Peter Korchak had to be postponed, but Peter hopes to be back talking about green marketing in February.

Tomorrow night we’re doing a potluck gathering with clients. People are bringing all kinds of treats to eat (fruit, banana bread, quinoa, etc), and they’re also going to be vending some of their wares. We have a guest musician, Kyrstyn Pixton, who’ll be playing some nice music, and hopefully a nice warm holiday atmosphere going on. We’re excited!

And as for January classes… we’ve got a lot in the works. We just need to set some dates and we’ll be on a roll.

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