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Meet Shannon and her business, All Done

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“With MCNW I got financed for equipment that I need to complete all my tasks. I got a van. I got this big carpet shampooer. I can do hard wood floors, tile, marble, just slap on a different brush and go for it. Now I just load up what I have and go.”

Shannon Bailey, All Done, Mercy Corps Northwest Client

Shannon Bailey, All Done

My Business Personal Housekeeping and Commercial Cleaning

How I got Started I’ve been a house keeper for six years, but have also done odd jobs like painting and carpet repair. I can’t imagine doing anything else. One day I decided to incorporate all the experiences that I’ve had together into one company.

Greatest Challenges Making sure you got all your corners covered. You get through a few things and then you find out that you’re not done yet. You have to dig a little deeper go a little farther.

Greatest Reward I like putting smiles on people’s faces. I like when people come home and everything’s finished and perfect. Little things. I know a little girl is going to be happy when I picked out a book for her bedtime and her bed’s made and ready to jump into.

Proudest Moment Just having something of my own. I was a stay at home mother and wife for 18 years. This is my accomplishment.

Advice for aspiring business owners You can not allow yourself to get discouraged. Doors are going to shut, walls are going to pop up all over the place and you just have to look over them, look around them, whatever you have to do to make it through.

Me and Mercy Corps Northwest Every time I was stuck with something and my mind was just tired and Brian would come up with something. If not, just a kind word. Better luck tomorrow.

Just The Facts

Client Name: Shannon Bailey
Client Since: November 2009
Participated In: Mercy Corps Northwest Loan Program
Type of Business: Personal and Commercial Cleaning
Business Opened: 2004

Find Shannon and All Done

2815 s.e. 87th ave. #3, Portland, OR 97266
(503) 839-4995

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New Leasing Seminar Available

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Renting Commercial Property: Talking the Talk

with Brian Wilson, Kalberer

Thursday, December 16th 6-7:30pm
Mercy Corps Northwest Office, 43 SW Naito Parkway Portland OR 97204 (riverside entrance)

Brian Wilson, Kalberer and Mercy Corps Northwest Presenter

Brian Wilson, Kalberer

Finding the right property to help make your business thrive is important. You will look for many things, including location, features and of course costs. But finding the property is only half the challenge: negotiating a lease with your new partner, your Landlord, can be a daunting task.

This course will walk you through three essential parts of the commercial lease negotiation:

  1. How to negotiate the rent you can pay for the space you want.
  2. Understanding “The Nets”, or, the costs of leasing over and above basic rent.
  3. Other requirements that can cost you money, and where to find them in the lease.

During this course, you will be introduced to many new words and phrases common in commercial real estate, helping you to more effectively communicate and secure the best lease possible.

About the Presenter: Brian Wilson is a principle with Kalberer Company, a commercial landlord and property management company in Portland. He has been leasing and managing property since 1995 for tenants large and small: national corporations to one-person micro enterprises. Supporting his experience on the street, Brian also has a master’s degree in business finance and taxation.



John Haines, Executive Director of MCNW featured in the Oregonian

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John Haines, Executive Director of Mercy Corps Northwest

John Haines, Executive Director of Mercy Corps Northwest

John Haines, Executive Director of Mercy Corps Northwest was featured in the Oregonian in an article by Peter Ames Carlin.

Read the full account of his compelling story here.

See the photo gallery here.

Excerpted Here:

“Imagine the train rumbling through the Black Triangle of Czechoslovakia. It’s the morning of November 10, 1999, the weak autumn light filtering through a tattered forest of skeletal branches, the gruesome toll of industrial coal mining and acid rain.

John Haines peers through the windows. His eyes are shadowed from lack of sleep, but he can see, and feel, life all around him. Green shoots pushing through the black earth. The pulse of life, the persistence of hope. And not just in the midst of this grim, dead forest.

There’s also the tentative peace in the wake of the Balkan war. The 10th anniversary of the fall of the Soviet Union, which inspired this train ride: Haines is heading to the celebration of the Berlin Wall’s collapse.

Ninety minutes outside of Prague the train stops in Usti nad Labem. And just like that Haines is on the move. He slips on his Adidas — not pausing to lace them — tells his girlfriend Jill he’ll be back with coffee, skips to the door and leaps into the air above the concrete platform.

And that’s where Haines’ memories end…”

Full Article Here

Get Yourself a Give!Guide

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Logo-Mustard 2

The Willamette Week Give!Guide hits the streets today and features 79 nonprofits participating in this great project in addition to Mercy Corps Northwest. To take part, you can give online through the Give!Guide website anytime between now and December 31st.

Aside from supporting job creation and small-business development in your hometown, there are extra reasons to give through the Give!Guide.

  1. The Mercy Corps Northwest Board has generously offered to match the first $2000 in donations made through the Give!Guide. This means your gift will have double the impact.
  2. Willamette Week is giving out cool prizes to all donors who give $50 or more through the guide. These prizes consist of huge coupons to be used at Portland-area business.
  3. If you aren’t sold yet, read the stories of people who have worked with Mercy Corps Northwest and see the impact we are having in the community for yourself.

Felton Howard, MCNW Staff Honored at Luncheon

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Our own Felton Howard (Navigator, Reentry Transition Center) was honored at a benefit luncheon for Central City Concern (CCC), who produced a beautiful video telling Felton’s story.

Before joining Mercy Corps Northwest, Felton was originally a CCC client. He gained employment via the CCC Employment Access Center and lived in CCC housing, eventually completing the Recovery Mentor Program. Today, Felton has been reunited with his family, lives independently, and makes incredible contributions as a member of our team.

Watch his journey in the video below.

Tackle your Business Taxes

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Small Business TaxesThis winter, Mercy Corps Northwest will be offering a two-part seminar series on the small business tax return. The first session (In November) covers everything you need to gather to be ready for the tax season and the second session (in January) actually walks you through the steps of filing a Schedule C tax return. Come learn how to do business taxes right, learn about new deductions, and ensure a maximum return.

Seminars can be taken separately or as a set. Both are held at the Mercy Corps Northwest Office: 43 SW Naito Parkway, Portland, OR 97204 (river side of building)


Tax Planning for the Small Business Owner
Thursday, November 18th, 2010 5:30-7pm
Good tax planning is one of the keys to being profitable as a business owner. Learn how your business income and expenses impact your tax return. In this class, you will learn what you need to know about home office, depreciation, auto expenses, etc, as well as the information you need to keep track of.

Filing the Small Business Tax Return
Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 5:30-7pm
In this class, we will walk through the process of filing a small business tax return. Have you ever asked yourself, “Where do all these numbers go?” Also, learn about self employment tax requirements.

About the Presenter
Gilbert Gleason is currently a tax preparer with H&R Block. He has 25 years of management experience in the non-profit arena. His areas of expertise are Investments/Stock Options (income, sales, losses), Home ownership, purchase, or sale, Home foreclosure, Real estate rentals or vacation homes, Healthcare expenses (e.g., medical, dental), Charitable giving, Income earned outside the U.S., Retirement income, Income from multiple States, Clergy, Small Business, Sole Proprietor, or Self-employed, Trusts & Estates, Partnerships, Corporations, Not-for-Profit organizations, Help with IRS or State notices / audits, and Tax Planning.


Portland Bottom Line featured in The Oregonian

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Peter Korchnak, Co-Editor of The Portland Bottom Line
Peter Korchnak

The Portland Bottom Line and Mercy Corps Northwest received special mention in an article by Larry Bingham about crowd-sourced books. 100% of profit from books sales will be donated to Mercy Corps Northwest programs. Support economic development and sustainable business practices in one go by buying this book.

Read the full article

Excerpted here

“One thing both books have made clear: The city has plenty of cheerleaders. And in this age of social media, the cheerleaders are more than happy to contribute…

…[Peter] Korchnak’s idea came after he contributed in other books that started through social media and involved input from several people interested in the topic. The 33-year-old moved from Slovakia to Portland six years ago and runs Semiosis Communications, a company that provides marketing for sustainable businesses.

He asked for 400-word essays on sustainable practices and received thoughts on everything from junk mail and aluminum foil recycling to tips on how to engage employees and brand a green business. While he expected contributors to offer practical advice for readers, he was surprised by the emotions behind many efforts.

“So, who are you?” wrote social media strategist Noland Hoshino. “What do your customers think of you and your business? Think of it this way: At the end of the day, what do you want the people to say? ‘We are gathered here today to remember … had a fancy car and cherishes it,’ or ‘… gave his time to transport cancer patients to and from chemotherapy in that fancy car he cherished. It was the ride of their life’?”

“I had wanted case studies, so this was a pleasant surprise,” said Korchnak, who edited the book along with Megan Strand. It taught him something about Portland and the green movement.

“When people do strive to be as sustainable as possible, it becomes personal,” he said. “It’s very intrinsic; it’s not motivated by the bottom line.”

After sales of the $16.95 book repay his initial investment, proceeds will go to Mercy Corps, a nonprofit the 51 small-business contributors voted to support.”

Read the full article