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How to Give a Great Presentation?

October 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Keep your cool through blackouts, blaring alarms and frigid temperatures!

Gigi Rosenberg ( and our intrepid participants did all that Wednesday night. It was a really good, interactive session, with plenty of excitement to keep everyone involved and awake.

Gigi working the room

Gigi working the room

We tried out a new space in the building – the Mercy Corps Aceh community room, which is a big open room with plenty of space. It was also conveniently set up for the microfinance conference happening this week, and other than the rather chilly AC, it was the perfect layout.

Gigi warmed up the room right away with great funny stories and really personable presentation. She went over some basic tips about grounding yourself and making yourself comfortable in front of an audience, and then she told everyone that the second half of the seminar was going to be theirs: to present a product, introduce themselves, or practice anything they wanted to in front of a group. They got some time to work on their presentations (which they stoically did with an alarm blaring) and then a few brave volunteers offered to talk in front of the group of 22 (our biggest turnout yet).

We got to find out all about Moon Pads, a new idea for teenager-friendly reflective bike gear and how to be sustainable for the earth and your wallet. Gigi followed up with tips and ideas, and the whole room got to participate.

Gigi even did a business card raffle, and chose two lucky participants to sit down with her for a free 45-minute consultation. The rest of us will just have to wait for her next seminar!