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Willamette Week’s Eat Mobile 2010

30 food carts, 1300 tickets, and so much delicious food. Thank you to Willamette Week for all their work planning, organizing, and running such a huge event. If you didn’t get a chance to make it out to this year’s event, they have an extensive rundown on their page with all the photos and reviews you could ask for. They even found a Craigslist Eat Mobile Missed Connection… aawww.

We also really liked PDXploration’s photos from the evening. We’ve got some of our own on Flickr… you can check out some of the intrepid Mercy Corps Northwest staff and our lovely booth. We loved getting to talk to Portland food cart lovers about the small business development work we do in Portland, and explain that mysterious connection between Willamette Week’s food cart festival and Mercy Corps Northwest. In case your hands were too full with beignets and poutine to grab one of our brochures, here’s the rundown:

What does Mercy Corps Northwest have to do with Portland’s food cart revolution?

In the current economy, food carts are an appealing alternative to hungry customers who want creative, high-quality dishes without paying restaurant prices. But what about the owners of these carts? How are they surviving the nation’s economic downturn?

More and more, individuals in Portland are looking to food carts as an inexpensive alternative to starting up a restaurant. Even with the lower start-up costs, however, food cart owners often need help getting the capital to start up. Mercy Corps Northwest is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs like these. We have worked with many food carts in the Portland metropolis, including three of the food carts featured at this year’s Eat Mobile festival: Tabor, Mono Malo, and SoupCycle. We believe, like you, in supporting our local food industry, our local business owners, and in finding creative approaches to business and employment in a recession.

A huge thank you to Willamette Week for organizing and sponsoring Eat Mobile, all the volunteers for helping to run it, and you for joining us today to support your fellow Oregonians and gourmands!

Viva la food cart!

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