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Successful Selling with Tom Howe

Lots of small business owners have a passion for what they do, and know that they put a lot of time and energy and thought into their work. But there’s often a gap between that knowledge, and how customers respond to a product or service, and whether they actually make the decision to purchase it.

Tom Howe‘s hour long seminar last Thursday was a step towards bridging that gap. Like Susan Rich, he emphasized that you’re not selling a product, but a benefit. And when you sell, you have to listen and read cues to try to figure out what that customer wants. He reminded the audience that much of selling is intuitive, and depends on good communication and being genuine and honest about the passion behind your work and why you’re good at what you do.

But he also noted that going about selling with a strategy can help in the long term. He suggested that people keep a sales manual, where they keep track of what sales objections they’ve gotten, along with possible responses. And, in what many people found to be most useful portion of the class, he ran through an extensive list of the possible benefits you could associate with your product. He provided those benefits and all his presentation slides in electronic format so that participants could use the class to soak it in and go over all the notes later.

“So much was helpful – it helped me focus on tools and see what I was already doing well”

“Everything was useful! All the benefits I could give my customer that I hadn’t even thought of”

“I’m not good at marketing and sales, so I liked the fact that it covered the basics and more”

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